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Boilers Maintenance and Repair Services in South Hackensack

There is no doubt that boilers are heavy-duty equipment and make sure the supply of hot water. E-Towers work almost 24/7 under high temperatures and burdens. We are here always to face extreme working situations. Proper operation and boiler maintenance are needed for boiling system safety, and E-towers professionals will make sure your boiling system safety and maintenance.

Types of boiling systems:

The following are some of the important types of boilers.

  • Fire-tube
  • Electric
  • Water-tube
  • Low-Pressure
  • High-Pressure
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Single drum
  • Multi drum and many more.


So above were the main types of Boilers and our company is specialized in its every type so if you are facing any problem with its maintenance or repair so you have to make a call on our given contact and the team will be at your door to provide boiler maintenance and repair services.

Main Components of a Boiler:

Its main parts immediately impact its safety and reliability. These components include:

  • Burner: It provides the heat for the water. Usually, fuels are used to operate the burner. Common fuels for the burner are
    1. Wood
    2. Briquettes
    3. Coal
    4. Rice Husk
    5. Natural gas
    6. Furnace oil
    7. LPG, PNG, and LNG


  • Combustion chamber: The heating process is done in this chamber, and this is the hottest part of the boiling system.
  • Aquastats: They control the temperature of the water by turning off and on the burner.
  • Backflow valve: It makes sure the flow of water in one direction.
  • Drum: Most expensive part of the system and is also used to store the water and face outside stress.
  • Piping: these are the supply lines and distribute the hot water in a different section.
  • Return lines: These pipes are used to bring back the cold water for re-heating.

These systems are used in various places such as Textiles, Power Sector, Food Processing Industry, Sugar Plants, and Thermal Power Plants. Nowadays, nuclear energy is also using to run the heating system. So from above all types and components of boilers and boiling systems and their uses in different industries, so you got the idea that how much they are important and boiler maintenance and repair will be much more important. So if you find any fault in it, contact us, we will make sure that your boiler is working fine.

Boilers Maintenance

Services we provide:

 For us, professional client care is equivalent to how each new task is joined by extra services, for example, maintaining and repairing machines and creation and mechanical lines. Most assuredly, it is the operability of creation equipment, which is prompting our clients’ prosperity.

E-Towers work up to the clients’ requirements, and especially we provide many services for the cause of boilers’ maintenance and repair services in New Jersey.

Routine boiler maintenance and repair assist your system is operating reliably. Keep an eye on your boiling system; otherwise, it can breakdown, and then you will need an extensive repair. There are two kinds of boiler Maintenance, and our professionals are there for every type of maintenance and repair services.

Annual Boiler Maintenance and repair:

The following are some of the important considerations regarding maintenance, and E-towers professionals are experts in assisting their customers. We will; (If needed)

  1. Examine the refractory burner material.
  2. Must wash fireside surfaces.
  3. Investigate all maintenance hole gaskets for leaks.
  4. Check the valves, especially the back valves and safety valves.
  5. Fix all the water pumps if needed.
  6. Clean condensate receiver.
  7. Inspect all electrical terminals and wires.
  8. Inspect fuel oil levels.
  9. Check all the chimneys are working fine.
  10. Do Boiler Flooding once in a year.

Daily or Weekly Boiler Maintenance:

Annual Boiler maintenance is important, but daily or weekly is more important so you won’t face difficulties in the long run. And daily/weekly maintenance/repair increases the life of your device. Our professionals are available in your area 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for their client’s ease boiler repair Hackensack NJ. We will; (If needed)

  1. Monitor the oil level in the compressor daily.
  2. Clean oil filters once a week.
  3. Inspect the filters daily and clean if needed.
  4. Check the vacuum once you start the motor
  5. Check the seal on the cap
  6. Monitor oil pressure showing at the burners.
  7. Always clean the air filters. A rough air filter can destroy your boiler performance and increase your boiler cost.
  8. Check oil flow temperature at sidearm pre-heaters.
  9. Open drain valve daily to flush unit.
  10. Check the smoke alarm once a week.
  11. Monitor the water flow in the boiler.
  12. Maintain a boiler log to record any obstacles
  13. Monitor combustion; examine burner controls.
  14. Do not forget to check the burner operation.
  15. Check the water leakage in the pipes twice a week.

Emergency Services:

In case of any emergency, so our professionals will also be at your door to provide you following services timely;

  • Repairing and replacing the worn parts.
  • Non-damaging checking of the machines.
  • Fitting and fixing of spare parts.
  • Welding and molding of appliances.

E-tower’s experts’ advice regarding Boiler Maintenance:

If your boiler is getting old, then replace it with a new one. Modern models are pollution-free, more efficient, and also cost-effective and our team will help you in the installation process and in each step until and unless they ensure you that your system is working perfectly.

Why Us for Boilers Maintenance and Repair Services

In fact, Boiler Maintenance and repair services by E-Towers are a must if you hope to have your boiler efficient at all times. Additionally, boilers give us important facilities in hot water accumulation and household warming. They add to the comfort level of the home. Often, repairs become necessary when the boiler is defective. Regular maintenance can surprisingly help avoid constant repairs.

At present, our team efficiently provides boiler maintenance and repair services in Hackensack, New Jersey.

We do it by;

  • Examining the Vent and Chimney.
  • Checking the Heat Exchanger.
  • Flushing out the boiler.
  • Lubricating the Circulating Pump.
  • Getting Help from an Expert.
  • Adjusting the commercial and residential boiler system to operate efficiently.

Are you excited about setting up a free meeting with our professionals? At Neighborly, we are devoted to being there for all your home assistance. E-Towers Renovations and Maintenance Services LLC believe in quality, safety, and cooperation. We are good at managing projects with experience. Clients love to work with us.

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