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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Service in South Hackensack

Whether you are looking for a minor modernization, such as replacing countertops or refreshing and renewing flooring, or a more detailed kitchen and bathroom renovation, definitely E-Towers has what it takes to guarantee your complete satisfaction in your home renovation. We have done many bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. Therefore we have many happy clients in South Hackensack.

At E-Towers Renovations and Maintenance LLC, we have all the supplies, expertise, and also have tools required in remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. Do you want to adjust your flooring along with the new countertops, cabinets, vanities, or showers? We are here. Do you want a customized his and hers bathroom basins and cabinets? We are here. Do you want your kitchen to look aesthetically pleasing? We are here. We can change your space with a new bathtub, as well as new light fixtures. We’ll even install them for you, so you don’t have to do any labor yourself. Additionally, we promise we won’t skimp on the accessories and hand you the full package that best suits and fulfills your needs.
Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Our Company offers a full kitchen and bathroom renovation service in South Hackensack, including fitting, tiling, and installation.  In particular, we will define our services just according to your needs. Moreover, our skilled kitchen and bathroom fitters, NJ can install a new room from scratch, including utility rooms, shower rooms, and washrooms. Also, we mix our carpentry and joinery skills to work on decking, tiling or re-tiling, and bathroom floor repair, lamination, painting, and decoration.

Plumbing and Gas Leakage Repair

We also have the required skills to carry out plumbing/gas works in all existing systems in your residential premises, as well as installing windows and doors to renovate your property’s insulation. In short, we do all from designing, furnishing, and even fitting a new kitchen or bathroom entirely to installing a suite you have already purchased or fitting a new kitchen worktop. Similarly, our customized bathroom and kitchen renovation services will work in partnership with you, ensuring on-time completion of projects within budget. Do you know that bathrooms and kitchens are the most costly renovation projects? If you want your kitchen or bathroom not to become outdated within a few years, you should hire a good contractor like ETowers.

The kitchen is a really important meeting place in your home. Same as the bathroom is a place where we spend much of our time. We visit both of the areas multiple times every day. In both cases, E-Towers offers the best kitchen and bathroom renovation services in South Hackensack and covers various areas within New Jersey. Call us if you have any further inquiries. We will respond to you immediately.

Your Style Your Way

At E-Towers Renovations and Maintenance LLC, we take pride in ourselves for listening to and understanding our customers’ needs. We look at the way you live and what you need to set you apart from others while also fulfilling your desires. E-Towers Renovation provides our kitchen and bathroom services with customized designs so you can take your pick. We also offer excellent customer service, outstanding craftsmanship, and an innovative showroom so you can get an idea of what your kitchen or bathroom will look like after its renovation.


We’ll Turn Your Ideas into a Reality

When it comes to a kitchen, it is probably the first thing you look at when buying a house because you know you will spend a lot of your time in that area. No wonder it is the heart of the home. Hence you want your kitchen to make you feel good and calm. This is where E-Towers comes in to help you. We will renovate and remodel your kitchen in whatever color, material, and design that you want to make you feel more at home and happy.

The bathroom is also an important part of the house. Have you ever noticed that you are never comfortable using a public restroom, at your school, office, or even at someone else’s home? This is because it is an important part of your everyday life, and it should be a place to relax and refresh yourself. We take pride in renovating your bathroom the way you want, from the basin to the commode to the bidet to the bathtub to the walls and tiles themselves.

We Respect Your Home and Your Time

With the kitchen and bathroom being the most important and frequently used places in the house, we realize that you want the work to be done as efficiently as possible. At E-Towers, we respect your space and will let you know ahead of time how much time it will take to renovate so you can manage your schedule around it. We promise to minimize disruption and to keep the working area clean.

Our Kitchen and Bathroom Repair Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovation Services:

  • Replacing, restaining, or refacing existing cabinetry
  • Kitchen island design & installation
  • Cabinet hardware installation
  • Countertop installation (laminate, solid acrylic surface, granite, marble, travertine, or quartz)
  • Tile repair installation (backsplash & flooring)
  • Flooring installation
  • Kitchen sink installation (fireclay, granite, cast iron with porcelain, stainless )
  • Under-floor heating
  • Replacing or repairing taps

Bathroom Renovation Services:

  • Walk-in tub installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Countertop installation (granite, marble, travertine, marble, and quartz)
  • Bathroom tile repair and installation (backsplash & flooring)
  • Shower door installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Bathroom faucet repair and installation
  • Bathroom suite replacement
  • Shower rooms/wet rooms
  • Shower repair
  • Replacing or repairing taps
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Bathroom Sink repair

Which Countertop Material to Choose – Quartz or Granite?

Both of these materials are excellent to use either in a kitchen or in a bathroom. They are both durable and beautiful. We can help you decide what is in your best interest and fulfill your needs while also staying within your budget. Many people go for quartz as a renovation material to use in the kitchen and bathroom counters. This is because it is cheaper than its alternative i.e., granite. Moreover, another quality of quartz is that you can control its appearance, texture, and color since it is manufactured. On the other hand, installing granite when renovating also has maintenance cost as it has to be sealed every year; but it also presents its own very distinct look that most people value.

Reface or Replace Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets?

A lot of people have the misunderstanding that refacing the cabinets is cheaper than replacing them. E-Towers gives you the chance to choose either of these options. With replacing, you have an opportunity to renovate the look of your kitchen and bathroom and go for more modern designs and technologies. Whereas, if you already love the cabinets you have, then refacing is a great renovation option for you as it would touch up the cabinets to give them a fresher look while retaining their genuineness. Do not worry we are Expert in kitchen renovation services Hackensack NJ

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